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"Have Voice Will Call"

Party Dances thru A-2

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"We began square dancing several years ago and had the very good fortune of having Tom Rudebock as our instructor. His ability, knowledge and friendly manner during and after lessons made us feel comfortable, welcome to the square dancing community and contributed a great deal to our desire to continue. We have danced to many callers since beginning and find Tom to be among the very best at all levels. Whenever possible, we attend as many of Tom's dances as we can. His ability to transfer his excitement and enthusiasm to the folks on the floor is outstanding and his wide range of calls and music selection add enjoyment to every dance. His friendly manner and willingness to work with clubs and individuals for the better of square dancing is one of his outstanding characteristics." Bob & Peggy Shotts, Canton, OH

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A FUN High Energy Plus Dance. October 7, 2012. 2 - 5 PM. Red Lantern Barn, 13144 Mt Eaton Road / 7th Street, Brewster, OH. Tom Rudebock, Mike Sumpter and Larry Cole on the Squares with great harmony on the singing calls. Phyllis Burdette will be cueing for your smooth Round Dancing pleasure.   

Camp! Dance! Fun! Brokenstraw Plus Weekend. , August 24 - 26, 2012. NEW LOCATION - Mohican Adventures Campground, Loudenville, OH. Tom Rudebock, Mike Sumpter, Phyllis Burdette. 2 Nights of Dancing, Workshops, Afternoon A-2 Dance, Ugga Bugga Boo, Social Hour, After Party Fun, , Trail Out Dance, Sunday Morning Breakfast, Covered Dish Meal Saturday Night, Casual Attire, Walk Ins Welcome.


 Looking for FUN, a chance to meet new friends, a social night out, team dancing. New Dancer Sessions will be held in your area. Tuesday - Red Lantern Flames - Canton Area; Wednesday - Circulators - Ravenna Area; Thursday - Brecksville - Cleveland Area. Call for information. Tom Rudebock - 330-427-6358 (H),  330-692-0461 (C).

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For additional information, please contact Tom Rudebock
phone:  330-427-6358 (H);  330-692-0461 (C)  
email:  tomsdcaller@gmail.com

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